3 Tips To Consider Before Applying To A Caribbean Medical University

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Experts in the medical industry have reason to believe that there is a lot of potential in the Caribbean region to grow as a health tourism hotspot. Health tourism happens when patients seek out vacation destinations to travel to in order to receive medical procedures. For this reason, seeking a career in the medical field could provide substantial rewards. To get an even better track on the growth of medical tourism in the region, you could get a degree at a Caribbean medical university. Before applying, you should consider some of the following, to boost your chances of getting into medical school. 

#1: Get Some Clinical Experience Under Your Belt 

You can pass all of your classes and score high on the MCATs and still not get into medical school if you don't show any clinical experience. Medicine is a very hands on field, so admissions officials will want to see that you have taken it upon yourself to gain some exposure. You can do this in a number of ways, including working a free clinic or blood drive, asking your doctor if you can shadow them, or completing a pre-med program. Getting this sort of hands on experience denotes that you are serious about the goal, and will be well worth the investment. 

#2: Put Your Best Foot Forward With the MCATs

The medical test for admission to medical school, known as the MCATs, is an expansive test that will require your full focus and dedication to pass. As you set out to pass it with the highest score possible, start with a detailed game plan, so that you can attack your study with clear goals and objectives. Order course materials and take practice tests. For a small, sometimes free investment, you'll get your hands on study guides that can help you reinforce the most crucial information. You'll also be able to utilize that information by taking practice tests. The more work you put forth on the front end, the more success you'll enjoy on the back end. 

#3: Live A Well Rounded Life

Medical school admissions offices want to see not only achievers, but people who will become shining alumni. They gauge this largely by assessing how you spend your time in your personal life. Things like active participation in a church or community organization, volunteering with children, elderly or the homeless and belonging to sports leagues, show that you have a great personality and would make for a well rounded, interesting alum. Make sure to live your life aside from medical school aspirations, so that your application is that much stronger. 

Take these tips into consideration as you set out to accomplish your goal of entering the medical field in the Caribbean.