Christian Private University: Transferring Credits

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Private Christian universities are a popular choice among students who want to receive an education grounded in their faith. If you are considering transferring to a private Christian university, you may have questions about the transfer of credits from your previous institution. Here is some information you need to know about transferring credits to a private Christian university.

Understanding the Process

Because these institutions offer a supportive environment where students can grow in their spiritual lives while also obtaining a top-quality education, many students look to transfer from secular universities to private Christian universities for a faith-based experience.

Transfer credits are courses that you have taken at another institution and want to apply toward a degree program at your new school. Not all credits will transfer, however, so it's important to understand the requirements of your new school. Private Christian universities often have specific policies in place for transferring credits, which you should be familiar with before applying.

Evaluating Your Credits

The first step in transferring credits is to have your previous coursework evaluated by your new school. The evaluation process will determine which credits will transfer and which credits may not. Factors that will be considered include the type of course, the level of difficulty, and the content of the course. If the coursework from your previous institution is deemed equivalent to a course offered at the private Christian university, then it will likely transfer.

Accepted Credits

Private Christian universities typically have a maximum number of transfer credits that they will accept towards a degree program. This means that even if your previous coursework is evaluated as equivalent to courses offered at the private Christian university, you may not be able to transfer all the credits. You should review the policy of your new school to determine the maximum number of transfer credits that they will accept.

Progress Toward Degree

In addition to determining the number of transfer credits that will be accepted, private Christian universities will also determine the applicability of the transferred credits toward your degree program. For example, if you took a course in psychology at your previous institution, it may transfer as an elective but not as a required course in your major. You should review the policies of your new school to determine how your transfer credits will be applied to your degree program.

Institutional Communications

To ensure that your transfer credits are evaluated accurately, it's important to communicate with your previous institution. You should provide your new school with official transcripts, syllabi, and course descriptions for each course that you want to transfer. By providing this information, you can help ensure that your previous coursework is evaluated accurately and that the transfer process goes smoothly.

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